Expo 'Transforming Fashion' by De Modekeuken.

A T-shirt designed at Everpress as a counter-reaction against social media. After selling multiple T-shirts, August was asked to showcase this project at the 'Transforming Fashion' exposition by De Modekeuken in Amsterdam (2018).

'I focused so much on what others were doing. In the end I figured I didn’t focus on myself as much as I wanted to. Social media played a big role, that’s what the '@' stands for. I wanted to create something mainly for myself as a reminder. To not be afraid. To be vulnerable. The illustration shows a face, which contains different shapes and angles. This, to symbolise all the different opinions/expectations out there. It’s in black and white. It’s also framed. '@I’M' in a bright yellowish colour overlaps the illustration: to think out of the box. Yellow to stand out, yellow like the stars. Besides '@' and 'I am', it also says 'aim'. Aim to focus more on yourself.'

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